Belt Assembly


Modular Belt

On-Site Belt Work

belt lrg.jpg

Ragco is big into belt! Our experienced members can help you choose the best belt and lacing combination for your conveyor system.

Ragco plastic modular belts are assembled in a “bricklay” pattern. This feature allows the construction of virtually any width and length.

Let us come to you! Allow our expert conveyor technicians install, lace, and vulcanize your belt on location! Take the risk out of the work with Ragco!


Light Duty Belt

food belt.jpg

Ragco members are some of the industries smartest and most creative when it comes to light duty belt solutions. We gratefully accept the opportunity to serve your food, packaging, printing, or other lightweight applications!

Special Fabrication

Accessories & Tools


Some applications require some serious customization! Ragco has you covered. We can add cleats, sidewall, elevator buckets, and much more to your belt! We love a challenge!


Ragco can also set you up with everything you need to handle your repairs, assembly, and installation yourself. If you need field fasteners, lacing tools, belt stretchers, idlers, or anything belt related connect with us now!

Please note: Ragco affiliates have full autonomy to provide services that best suit their respective markets. Please check with your local Ragco location to learn what capabilities they offer. Find the closest affiliate to you here.