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Ragco utilizes the ultimate in CAM/CAD design software to draft your gasket parts precisely. Computer aided design allows for perfect repeatability, low-cost changes to geometry, and high-efficiency nesting for reduced material waste. Ragco gasket engineers can import your drawings, draft from samples, or start from scratch. Wherever you are in the sealing process Ragco can help.

Once your drawing is completed, Ragco can fabricate your gasket precisely with Flash Knife or Waterjet Cutting. These two technologies are the world’s most efficient options for gasket cutting. Between the two methods, Ragco offers a uniquely valuable level of speed and diversity.

Ragco members are authorized distributors for the finest gasket material manufacturers in the world. Our customers enjoy access to quality names like Donit, Garlock, & Klinger, and they know our gaskets will have them sealed up right the first time. Have a sealing problem? We consider that a sealing opportunity.