A Huge Advantage For The Custom Parts Market!


Moldless System is a specific production system that does not employ metallic molds. Using this system, it is possible to make products for which metallic molds were previously considered indispensable, as well as products that are impossible to make using metallic mold technology. In addition, Moldless system can reduce initial production costs while shortening the time required for production.

Traditional Mold Production
High cost of mold 
High minimums
Long lead times
Revisions require new mold and therefore very costly
Materials & hardnesses are limited

Moldless Manufacturing
No investment cost
No minimum
Short lead times
Parts are easy to revise
Large variety of materials & harnesses


Of course, in the case of mass production, there are cases where the use of metallic molds is more efficient. However, the Moldless System is ideal for order-made products and small quantity production runs such as for prototyping, trial products and products with complex shapes that cannot be formed using a metallic mold.

The process offers order-made products with complex shapes and makes them in small quantities. We can do this, thanks to the unique Moldless System, which is highly efficient and cost effective method.

Lathe Machining

Compound Process

Waterjet Cutting - Micro Drilling - Solid Block Fabrication - Plural Process

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